About The globe artichoke, a member of the thistle family, has tough, green petal-shaped leaves.


Choosing Look for dark green leaves that squeak when rubbed together. Avoid those with too much browning. They also come canned and frozen.


Storage Store by keeping dry in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. They last four to five days.


Cooking Wash just before cooking. To prepare, pull off the outer-most layer of leaves and trim the stalk before boiling or steaming. Each prickly leaf has a small soft area on the inside base of the leaf. Tear off and eat by dipping in melted butter, mayonnaise, or favorite sauce; then drawing the base of the leaf through the teeth, discard the remaining part of the leaf. As you eat the outer leaves, you reach the pithy "choke"; cut or scrape it away and discard, leaving the tender heart.


Nutrition Artichoke hearts contain small amounts of vitamin A and potassium.