Piggly Wiggly in Ireland

Taking a trip to Belfast, Ireland? Be sure to to pop in and visit Piggly Wiggly's Coffee Shop in the bustling heart of Ballyhackamore in East Belfast.

Here's a Fab poem from one of their customers, Roy Semple:

Piggly Wigglys is the spot,
To buy your good food, cold or hot,
You’re the customer and the buyer,
They’re the boiler, and the fryer.

When you go into the Caf’
Richard’s there, with all his staff,
And whenever you’re inside,
Their friendliness runs deep and wide.

Richard will be the first to greet you,
“We’re glad you’re here, we’re pleased to meet you”
So barriers are broken down,
He’ll always smile, and never frown.

Suzanne will write your order down,
She’s friendly, smiling and renowned,
She’ll give your order straight to Tel,
Our five star chef you’ll like so well.

When you’ve finished your nice meal,
You will, more then, contented feel,
Now perhaps some coffee or tea,
Usual meal finisher, for you or me.

We trust you have enjoyed your visit,
To “Piggly Wiggly’s Coffee Shop”
And when again you pass this way,
For your meal, you’ll at us stop.